Eating Healthy At Work And Family Functions

Eating Healthy At Work And Family Functions

Our lives are full with work and family parties. We all want to enjoy ourselves without feeling guilty. This e-how article will teach you some useful and healthy tips

Choose light beer, small glass of wine or champagne instead of a featured cocktail. After a drink switch to sparkling water with lemon or lime.

Do not go hungry. Have a snack or mini-meal beforehand.

Choose foods that are boiled instead of fried.

Start with raw vegetables before tackling cheese and crackers.

Do not double dip, sauces, apart cocktail sauce, can be high in calories, sugar and fat content
Dessert -. . yes you can eat it. Fruit! If you must have something sweet, you can do it in moderation. Two pieces go a long way.
Enjoy yourself, it’s vacation! Personalwebnutrition. com is always here to help you get back on track.

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