How To Get More Vitamin D

How To Get More Vitamin D

Doctors are quickly discover that getting more vitamin D can be much more important than previously thought. They had always known link between vitamin D and bone softening diseases (ie rickets, osteoporosis), but recent research has shown a link between vitamin D deficiency and increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Other chronic diseases which may be linked to vitamin D deficiency include tuberculosis, hypertension, cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, season affective disorder (SAD), and many more.
On a more practical note, people who get more vitamin D tend to look better, be happier and be more mentally healthy. Unfortunately, one-third to half of all adults in the US are deficient. We need to get more vitamin D if we want to avoid the negative consequences of lack and instead reap many benefits vitamin

Go outside. The obvious way to increase vitamin D intake is to get more sunlight. Vitamin D is naturally produced by the body when skin is exposed to sunlight, and there are many little habits you can make to get more Sofora example, make it a habit to go for a walk a few times a week, or once a day if you can. And when you spend time in the sun, no foam on sunscreen. We’ve become overly paranoid about sunlight, and research is beginning to show that some sun is good for you. However, if you spend all day in the sun, sunscreen is a necessity.

Get more vitamin D from your diet. This is a very simple step. Most countries have milk, yogurt, bread or margarine fortified with vitamin D. Just using these will help someone. Most foods are not naturally rich in vitamin D, with the exception of fish. Herring has the most, followed by catfish and salmon.

Supplement. Vitamin D supplements are easy to find and efficient. You can buy them online or from a local store. Many doctors recommend up to 2,000 IUs someday. The potential benefits are so great and the risk is so low that you can continue to take the supplement during the summer, when you get lots of sun!

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