Calorie Shifting Diet Plan

Calorie Shifting Diet Plan

Create metabolic confusion by implementing a calorie shifting diet plan. When you follow a structured diet plan where you fu00F4rer your body the same number of calories each day, your body gets used to getting this amount. Weight loss plateau can cause even if you eat the healthiest food. Calorie shifting is when you mix up the number of daily calories, so your body can no longer anticipate what you eat in a day
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How to Start a Calorie Shifting Diet
Find caloric baseline and track the usual number of calories you eat every day for a month. Keep a food journal to track calories and examine exactly what you eat every day. Track calories using CalorieKing. com or TheCalorieCounter. com. Both sites offer calorie count just about any food, plus many restaurant meals.

When you come to a baseline numbers, you could start planning how you want to change your diet. The number of calories you change will be small, but enough to make a difference in how your metabolism burning fat.
Calorie Shifting Diet
Follow a calorie shifting diet for three months to see weight loss results. To change the number of calories you eat every couple of days so you may want to continue to keep a food journal.

Eat healthy foods while calorie shifting. On a day when you eat 500 extra calories, make healthy choices. Select an additional one piece of salmon or grilled chicken and extra vegetables and fruit.

Pump up your usual diet by 300 calories twice a week one and then drop down diet by 500 calories twice a week in week two. Eat 400 extra calories a day twice a week in weeks three and then eat 500 fewer calories twice a week on week four.

Repeat this pattern or try a new pattern for months two and three. The idea is to keep your metabolism guessing and work harder to keep up with calorie changes. After a few months, go back to your regular diet in a few weeks and then start calorie shifting again.
Advantages and disadvantages
This program Kickstarter metabolism without integrating more exercise. Unlike other weight loss programs, hold the weight off because your body does not have a chance to adapt to a certain number of calories.

One drawback to calorie shifting is that you must keep a close eye on what you eat and track every calorie. Another drawback is that on days that you consume less calories can become lightheaded, dizzy and cranky.

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