How To Increase Ferritin

How To Increase Ferritin

It is very important to maintain proper ferritin levels. The amount of ferritin in the blood indicates the amount of iron in the body. Ferritin deficiency results in fatigue, loss of appetite, hair loss and depression. There are a number of ways to increase ferritin level, but iron absorption is affected by many factors. The following steps explain how to improve ferritin levels

You need:
Iron supplement vitamin C tablet blackstrap molasses

Taking iron supplements with a glass. . orange juice or vitamin C tablets. Ascorbic acid helps with iron absorption.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol. They inhibit iron absorption. Calcium also interferes with iron absorption. Do not take calcium supplements or dairy products at least 4 hours before taking iron.

Look for iron supplements with stool softners to avoid constipation. Ferro-Sequels with docusate is a good choice.

Consider slow release iron products if you do not want to pop pills 2 or 3 times a day. GNC’s A Time Release Iron and Slo-Fe are good choices. Bring liquid iron if you are bad at swallowing pills. Floradix is ​​one of the leading brands of liquid iron.

Improving ferritin naturally with blackstrap molasses. It is rich in iron and also helps to increase your energy. Take one tablespoon in the morning and another dose in the afternoon. They are tasty, and can also be used in cooking.
Add iron-rich foods to your diet. Broccoli, figs, raisins, lean red meat, chicken and turkey has a decent amount of iron.
Use cast iron skillets or pans for cooking. It releases a small amount of iron in the food. It is a very healthy and tasty way to add iron to your body.

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