How To Fulfill Hunger Without Gaining Huge Amounts Of Calories

How To Fulfill Hunger Without Gaining Huge Amounts Of Calories

Your hungry and you want something to munch on, but avoid excess calories?
Hmm, I bet we can come up with some good ideas with little fuss
do you need:!.
Desire to munch
Desire to avoid excessive calories.
Ability to read labels.
Patience to adjust your eating habits !.

Munching on a simple cup of cereal dry as honey nut cheerios for example, only about 110 calories!

You get the sweet craving fulfilled without any sugar and get something healthy and chocked full of vitamins.

I will occasionally snack on a small bowl of instant potatoes.
You can avoid milk, cut down on the fat by using only water, a little butter / margarine / butter substitute if you prefer.
This usually fills me up pretty quickly, while only maintain in 1/3 of a cup of flakes around 70 grams. It is based on following the instructions on the box as I read it.

Fruit all know that right?
Just need to avoid the large amounts of fruit as some of the sweet types carrying large caloric intake if taken in higher doses. . LOL.

Times I’ll eat one can of mandarin with about 80 calories in a 1/3 cup serving from a 11oz can.
Granola snack bars can be good for you, but be sure to read the labels someone has some hefty calories in them.
often to make a rumble in my stomach I’ll pop a mint in my mouth instead of food. This helps make up your stomach a little and often can give you the comfort without extra unnecessary calories.

Tips and Warnings

always eat in moderation to avoid excessive caloric intake
Always eat what you like that leaves you feeling both full and fulfilled
always enjoy smaller snacks in moderation, or you will still get the same caloric intake
Do not starve yourself to lose weight.
Always consult a physician before starting a diet!
Avoid foods that will cause you some irritable bowel problems or lactose problems
Spending big bucks on something doesn t make it healthier for you.

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