How To Find Out What Pesticides On Food

How To Find Out What Pesticides On Food

I’ve never been a big organic food-type guy. The higher prices and sometimes less than perfect appearance of organic products has, in the past, put me off. But after spending some time looking at exactly what I eat, things are going to change. It’s a place you can go to look up as pesticides are on what foods and what potential harm they can do.
pesticides, over time, can build up in the body and may potentially lead to many diseases such as cancer, birth defects and nerve damage. Children are especially sensitive to chemical pesticides.
Nearly 900 million pounds of pesticides used on agricultural products in the United States each year. Now there are around 300 million people in the United States, so that works out to about 3 kg. of pesticides per person per year. I do not know about you but it makes me a little queasy.
The data for whatsonmyfood. org comes from the United States Department of Agriculture. Site presented by pesticides Action Network North America.

Go to http: // whatsonmyfood. org. What’s my food is a user friendly site with tons of information.

Choose food to see what is enough on it. There’s even a category for bottled water and guess what? It is not always as clean as you would think.

Click on conventional versus organic to see the difference. Sometimes organic food, despite the title, has * been shown to carry a small amount of pesticides (see the apples, for example), but the difference is usually dramatic.

Take action. Reduce the amount of pesticides by going organic when possible, and always wash fruits and vegetables before eating.

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