Life Extension Living Foods Diet

Life Extension Living Foods Diet

The Living Food Diet is so called because it consists entirely of raw plant-based foods where enzymes are active. The enzymes present in these plant-based foods are killed by heating them to an internal temperature of more than 116 degrees Fahrenheit (in any, to a temperature of only 106 degrees). To get these vital enzymes, described by some as “life force” of vegetable foods, it is important to eat them raw
The importance of. enzymes
Proponents of Living Food Diet point out that enzymes in living or raw foods helps the body to digest those foods properly. Because cooking kills these enzymes, eating the same foods in cooked form makes it difficult — if not impossible — for foods to be fully digested, so some of the undigested residues linger in the body and are toxins that inhibit the proper operation of the incredible human machine.

Critics of the diet suggest that stomach acid destroys these plant-based enzymes anyway, making it pointless to be overly concerned about their consumption. Enzyme nutritionist Viktorus Kulvinskas, according to Bo and Raw Foods website, counters that argument by pointing out that stomach acid only temporarily deactivate enzymes while they are in the stomach. When they go into the more alkaline small intestine, they are reactivated and start to act as a catalyst in the digestive process, claiming Kulvinskas. Moreover, followers of a strict Living Food Diet eat little or nothing in the way of cooked protein containing foods, resulting in a lower level of gastric acid production.
Are All Raw Food Living Foods?
Although almost all raw plant-based foods contain enzymes, true living foods have consistently higher levels of these enzymes. Nuts, seeds and grains, for example, all have enzymes in a dormant state, but these enzymes can be activated by adding them until they germinate, and then eat them. Other foods popular with those on Living Food Diet is raw fruits, vegetables, juice, sprouts and sea vegetables.

Another important principle in Living Food Diet is to avoid all foods that are not organic. The chemicals and processing procedures that non-organic foods are subjected result in a sharp reduction of the enzyme content.
What can parliament do for you?
Living Food Diet proponents claim eating raw and living foods produces a number of important advantages. These include a higher level of energy and better health, which manifests itself in better physical and mental status, a stronger immune system, detoxification, weight loss and a general feeling of wellbeing. In this era of growing concern for the environment, realized energy savings by not cooking some foods and the absence of chemicals used in the raising of organic food certainly very green thing to do.

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