Ways To Eat Healthy And Cheap

Ways To Eat Healthy And Cheap

Eating cheap conjures up images often of sausages and chips, while eating healthy makes you think of rice and beans. Fortunately, there are ways to eat what’s good for you without using a package that does not require heat sausages or beans (although both can be part of a healthy and inexpensive diet)
Learn to Cook
The first essential component to eating well for less is to learn how to cook. Buying convenience food is not the best path to the goal of eating cheap, healthy food. Cooking from scratch, however, is an excellent path to a good diet.

Besides using cookbooks, you can also take a cooking class, or ask someone who is a good cook to share some tips and recipes.
cut down on meat
Learn to let go of the weight of the meat. Not only is this better for your health, it’s also better for your wallet. Traditionally, many people earn a piece of meat with a little starch and vegetables. Instead, you can make starch and vegetables in larger quantities with a small piece of meat.

Or you can cut the meat very thinly to make it appear there is more meat on your plate than it really is. Dress the meat with a simple sauce or gravy and pile on the vegetables.

There are other ways to use meat more frugally. For example, consider making stir fry. This method of cooking uses a small amount of meat and lots of vegetables to fill a plate. Round this out with brown rice for a healthy meal. You can also make soups that use only a small amount of meat with broth and vegetables.
Learn to Use Coupons
It is true that the vast majority of coupons are for prepared foods that may not fit into your schedule. And even with a voucher, many prepared foods are more expensive than the homemade version of the food.

But there are hundreds of coupons for healthy foods, such as milk, eggs and meat. Sometimes you can find coupons for dried herbs and spices and baking supplies.
Rework Meals making two Out of One
This is an old tip, but it works well with the new cooking skills. In addition, if you know that you may only need to cook dinner every other day, you might be inclined to spend more time on the first meal since you do not need to spend a lot of time the next night.

It is a well-known chicken tricks that require baking one or two chickens and future use of meat, says, enchiladas, and bones for stock. But you can do this with even pork tenderloin, with pork as a traditional meal for the first night and create pork roast on the second night.

But to really ramp up healthy aspect of cooking, and making it cheap in addition, use beans to full advantage. Cook a few bags of dry beans (black and pinto beans, for example) with canned tomatoes and spices and use beans for several different applications. You can make bean soup and bean quesadillas. You can mash the beans to use as toppings.

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