How To Arrange A Weight Loss Competition

How To Arrange A Weight Loss Competition

Want to get paid to lose weight? Have you looked at “Biggest Loser” on TV and wished that you could find a weight-loss competition? Grab some friends or colleagues and start your own competition. It’s easy, fun and you can have prize money for a reward
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Get a group of friends or colleagues to start a weight-loss competition. Find out who is interested in losing weight with you. Ask them how they want the competition to be run and what rules would make them participate. Make sure they know it will be a competition and there will be reward money!

Once you know how many people will join the competition, set an entrance fee. It can be anywhere from $ 25, $ 50 or more. This is one time you would pay to enter the competition. Then decide how prizes will be divided up. You can reward the biggest weight loser, or participants can get their money back when they lose a certain amount.

Select a weekly weigh-in place and host. If it is at work, weigh-in office or host can be selected. If it’s in your neighborhood, choose a house to weigh in on, and the host will keep track of the progress of each participant.

Decide if you want to measure progress every week by percentage of body weight lost, pounds lost, measurement, or another method. You can track each competitor progress on paper or a computer spreadsheet (see Resources below)
Finish the competition within 10 to 12 weeks. . Further, and for many lose interest or motivation. This is enough time to have significant weight loss. Host a final weigh-in which all must participate and a final winner will be announced.

Tips and Warnings

Remember that you can start the competition over after each session. You can have it any other competition with rewards for more weight loss, maintenance of weight loss or other targets.
Set rules and stick to them. Decide on things such as how many roads-ins participants must attend. Also, determine if there is a prize for second and third place winners. Whatever rules, stick to them no matter how competition develops. This will help to avoid disputes in the competition.

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