How To Buy Natural Organic Food In Bulk

How To Buy Natural Organic Food In Bulk

Organic foods offer a healthy alternative to mass-produced and processed foods. For some consumers, however, the cost of organic food a deterrent. Buying organic food in bulk from health food stores, community farms and grocery stores can, if properly stored and used, provides a significant savings
You need:. .
storage containers
Closet space.
Freezer space.
Vacuum sealer (optional).

Buying in Bulk

Consider storage. Cereals, pulses and grains should be stored in a cool, dark pantry or cupboard. If possible, storage area not be above or in the immediate vicinity of the refrigerator or oven, to protect these articles from excess heat.

Go shopping. Organic food is more accessible than ever before, but you will find the largest selections at your local health food store. Look for bulk bins, where you can find rices, pulses, flour, cereals and dried fruits available for bulk purchases.

Buy local. Visit the farmer’s market where you’ll find a growing selection of in-season produce and farm products. Sharpen freezing, drying and canning skills to take advantage of these fresh-from-the-farm fruits, vegetables and herbs. Many markets carry bread, cheese and organic meat also.

Buy quality containers. Various multisized plastic or glass storage containers will cause dust and bug-free dry goods storage. Clear containers make identification easier. Look for specialty containers with pouring spouts for grain or volume markers to keep track of quantities.

Clean out the freezer. Get rid of something unidentifiable or old, even if it means you are left with a small carton of ice cream and a few ice cubes. Commit to neatly packaging, labeling and dating any future frozen foods and use them within six months.
Consider a vacuum sealer. Vacuum varnish extend the life of dry and frozen goods. For fragile fruits and vegetables, freeze before adding to prevent breakage. Specialized containers are available for cereals and pasta.
Be realistic. Do not buy more than you will use in four to six months, depending on the storage method.

Tips and Warnings

Encourage neighbors or colleagues to go organic. Often, the more you buy, the more you’ll save. Divvy up the goods and enjoy your savings.
Do not overspend or overbuy. Do not buy things in bulk unless you are absolutely sure you will like them. Ten pounds of amaranth flour is not a bargain if it goes unused.

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