How To Feed A Family

How To Feed A Family

Breakfast, lunch and dinner-three meals a day-that’s what you need to feed your family. It takes planning and time to feed your family healthy and different every day. Read on to learn how to feed a family

Make a list of meals for your family in advance.

Figure in the time it will take to prepare meals. If you are a working parent and have only a minimum of time to prepare meals, prepare a plan for making meals in advance and freeze them. This makes it easy to have a different, healthy meal every day.

Spend time with your family. Have your family work in meal preparation with you. This way you have the best of both worlds-a chance to prepare healthy meals and spend time with your family at the same time. You can do Saturday afternoon meal preparing time.

Find ways to do old things new. If you buy a turkey and cook it, you can create different meals using turkey. Buy a recipe book and find a variety of recipes for making turkey. Similarly, you can do the same for spaghetti sauce, hamburger, pot roast, etc.

Be prepared to be flexible and determined to get your cooking done. If Saturday does not work one week, move it to Friday or Sunday-there are always alternatives. You can also create more than one week in advance, especially if you know a weekend is going to be particularly busy and you have a freezer big enough.

Tips and Warnings

Do not forget to find in a night or two of eating out or ordering in-all need a break.
Remember to thaw meal for the next day.

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