How To Cut Sodium While Losing Weight

How To Cut Sodium While Losing Weight

Whether you have high blood pressure, or just want to eat healthier, it is important to cut sodium. If you try to lose weight, this can be a challenge. Many low calorie foods are loaded with sodium. It can be frustrating to find a low calorie food with great flavor, but too much salt. To shed pounds and cut out salt

Drink more water. When losing weight, it’s important to cut out drinks that are loaded with calories. Unfortunately many diet soft drinks have too much sodium. Water is a salt-free alternative and very healthy. Best of all, it is free of calories and fat.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Instead of reaching for that bag of chips, why not snack on some strawberries? Fruits and vegetables are healthy and hearty. Produce contains little sodium, but no where near as much as packaged snacks.

Read the nutrition label. Many look at calories and fat a product contains when they lose weight, but often do not look at the sodium content. Many prepackaged foods that are low in calories are high in salt. Manufacturers use salt as a way to cover up the loss of flavor that results from removing the fat and calories.

Avoid foods that contain preservatives. Salt is a preservative. Therefore, many companies add it to their processed foods. The best way to avoid preservatives, is to buy natural foods. If you need to buy quick fix meals, check the package to ensure that the product is free from preservatives and low in salt.

Use seasoning blends. Losing weight usually means preparing foods that can lack flavor. A great way to cut sodium, but still have good taste, is to use spice blends. Seasoning blends come in several different flavors, but is salt-free. They are the perfect way to add flavor to meat and vegetables.

Tips and Warnings

Fresh herbs and citrus juice is also a great way to add flavor.
Do not fall for packaging claiming that the food contains less sodium. It could be less, but it’s still too much.

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