How To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth If You Have Gestational Diabetes

How To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth If You Have Gestational Diabetes

You are pregnant, you are hungry and want you ice cream. If you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you do not deny your sweet tooth. Here are some ways to satisfy the craving with out going crazy with sugar and crabohydrates

The following are just some suggestions that helped me get through gestational diabetes and have an intense craving for sweets.
It is important to follow your doctor’s dietary guidelines to ensure you and your baby stay healthy. Make sure the following options fit into your prescribed diet plan.
All snacks I suggest is around 15 grams crabohydrates per serving.

Jello is your friend! Jello makes many varieties of sugar-free ready to eat and mixes. Another bonus is it has 10 calories and 0 carbs. Try topping with some no-sugar added whipping cream to make great dessert!
Sugarless Jello Pudding is also a great treat. Although there is no sugar is about 12 carbs per serving-so you have to factor that into your nutritional goals

Fresh fruit is a healthy way to get a sweet fix. However, you can go overboard when it will send sugar level flying! Make sure you measure your portions, so you only get around 15 crabohydrates.
For example, if you wanted an apple, a cup of apple slices around 13 grams of carbohydrates.

If you do not want to measure up fresh fruits, pre-packaged fruit cups is another option -. but you need to look for those with “no-added sugar” and is packed in natural fruit juice. Avoid those packed in syrup (even light syrup).
Del Monte does not sugar added fruit cups – !. includes peaches, pears and fruit cocktail
Yogurt is another great way to get a sweet fix and can be healthy too! But do not be fooled by some of the “diet” or “light” varieties-any of these could put your sugar levels over the top! Read nutrition labels.
A very good option is Dannon’s “Light and Fit” 60 calorie yogurt cups. They have 10 grams of carbohydrates
There are also many non-sugar added cookies on the market. Just because they are non-sugar added does not mean they have low crabohydrates. Always check the nutritional labels before eating to ensure that carbohydrates are around 15g.
Always, always check the nutritional guidelines on what ever snack you choose and adhere to the serving size.
Research nutrition facts! There are many nutrition fact websites out there. I used
http: // www. fatsecret. com / calories-nutrition
Always talk to your doctor or dietician about what you plan to eat. Do not make every bite a sweet one -. Although they are healthier than sugar their full options, they should still be treated as an occasional indulgence
You and your child will benefit from a variety of healthy snacks, not just the sweet selection

Tips and Warnings

Use this website to measure if sweet snack is under 15 carbs: http: // www. fatsecret. com / calories-nutrition
It is very important to establish a nutritional plan for gestational diabetes doctor or dietician. Use only my suggestion if they work with your diet plan!

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