When It Is Best To Drink Water When Working Out?

When It Is Best To Drink Water When Working Out?

The best time to drink water when working out is before, during and after exercise. Here are some guidelines you can use:

one. Twenty to 30 minutes before exercise, drink 8 oz. of water.

two. Every ten to 15 minutes during exercise, drink 4-8 ​​oz. of water.

three. Within 30 minutes after exercise drink an additional 8 oz. an electrolyte drink or water.

four. For every kilogram of body weight lost after exercise, drink 16 oz. Water
Tips on drinking and exercise
Do not drink too much during exercise because it puts a strain on your body as it divert blood flow to the stomach. Try to sip fluids during exercise. It’s OK to drink fluids after exercise.

Always drink water during exercise. Under most workouts do not lose enough electrolytes to penetrate a new drink like Gatorade. Your body will only flush out extra electrolytes and keep all the extra sugar. Save Gatorade for after exercise.
Get Energy by drinking a Fluid With No Energy content of it all.
It may seem strange that we get energy by drinking a liquid without energy content. However, the energy does not come from the water itself. Instead improves water energy production in cells by providing an effective medium for chemical reactions to occur more efficiently. Our cells metabolize energy from fats and sugars much quicker when it is fully hydrated. We end up feeling more refreshed and more energetic.
Start Off Fully Hydrated
There is an old myth that if you drink too much before you exercise you’ll get cramps. Seizures are often a result of being dehydrated. Many people do not drink enough during the day to be fully hydrated. Spent most of the day in a state of dehydration, even if it is small, can prevent you from achieving optimal performance. Studies have shown that athletes lose up to ten percent of their performance by being even slightly dehydrated.

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