How To Lose Weight While Drinking Coffee

How To Lose Weight While Drinking Coffee

Everyone wants to lose weight without making too many changes to your life. It would be so much easier if you could lose weight just by drinking a magic potion. Even magic can be out of the realm of possibility, you can do the next best thing by drinking fat burning coffee. By following these simple steps, you can burn calories and lose weight just by drinking this special coffee. Thermogenic coffee not only acts as an appetite suppressant, this mixture will burn calories as if you were working out and speed up your metabolism to burn off excess fat over time. This recipe will also give you a great boost of energy for a few hours without a crash

You need:
Brewed coffee, dark roast if possible
. .
2 grams of skimmed milk.
Granulated fructose.
200 mg niacin bound chromium capsules.

Use 8-12 grams of brewed coffee and add skim milk and 5-10 grams of granulated fructose.


Take Chromium capsule.

Drink coffee. You can do this twice a day between meals. Sit back, relax and let the calories burn

Tips and Warnings

You can change the amount of fructose and skim milk to taste.
Do not use Chromium Picolinate as a substitute. It does more damage to cells than help your metabolism.

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