How To Get The Most Out Of Wii Fit

How To Get The Most Out Of Wii Fit

If you own a Nintendo Wii, you want to buy Wii Fit. Even for people who do not need to lose weight, this is a bargain. Not only are the exercises fun, but you can learn a lot and burn fat as well
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Wii Fit.

Turn on the Wii fit and makes the body test. If you are already a regular Wii Fit user you can just jump right into training. Go to Aerobics. Do any of everything you’ve unlocked, and then continue with the exercises you like before you unlock free Step and Boxing.

If you have already unlocked all the games, making the Free Step. This is a very simple exercise (I suggest using floor extensions on Wii pad that comes with it to step a little higher) can be done at the highest pace (still quite slow in my book) for up to 30 minutes while watching tv. You will eventually break a sweat, and this is the easiest way to get in the first 30 minutes.

Continue Aerobics do other exercises in another 10-15 minutes. I recommend Boxing as a good arm workout (although you will be sore the next day, I guarantee). Try to keep up a sweat.

Proceed to Strength exercises. Do whichever ones you are comfortable doing. Those along the top row is easier, so get progressively harder the more you unlock. Make at least 4 of these exercises before proceeding.

Go to Yoga. Do as many yoga poses that you are willing to try, starting at 5 and try to continue to do more each time you use it
If you have poor balance, do one or two of balance exercises. Otherwise, proceed to the Body Test and roads (or re-routes) itself. Keep this up until you have reached your goal weight, then continue to use to keep your weight down. You should shoot for a total of 45 work-minutes each day.
Remember that Wii Fit program is a great way to get some exercise when it is cold or snowing outside, or for those who can not afford a gym membership. But when the weather is nice you should supplement your Wii Fit exercises with speed walking around the neighborhood, or even jogging on the knees can take it. For those who regularly go to the gym to work out, the Wii Fit is probably not for you. Its training programs are aimed at a gradual loss of weight through less strenuous activities than you would find at a gym. But really, the Yoga and Strength Training programs are as good as any you can find a personal trainer!

Tips and Warnings

If you are unfamiliar with regular exercise, be sure to take short breaks every 20 minutes or so.
Drink plenty of water while exercising
Try not to eat a big meal right before the start. Wait at least 15 minutes after breakfast. It is easier to exercise in the morning.
If you become breathless or have a lot of pain from a particular exercise, do not be afraid to stop and take a break!

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