How To Make A Fake Food Label

How To Make A Fake Food Label

In an age when consumers are largely unaware of the ingredients that go into the food they eat, food labels make information available to all foods sold in a package produced. When teaching others how to read and use a food label it helps to have a fake, or demo, food label at hand. The fake food label can be used to quiz others about food and nutritional values ​​it represents. You do not need any artistic skill to make a fake food label
You need:. .
Scissors (optional)
Hearty food label.
Correction fluid.
Scanner and printer or copier.

Peel or cut nutritional label of a food product. It does not matter what product you choose because you will not use the specific information to make the label.

Use correction fluid to obliterate certain of the nutritional label. Be sure to wipe out the numbers in relation to portions nutrients by weight and nutrients by percentage. Let correction fluid to dry.

Make a copy of the nutritional label using a scanner and printer or a photocopier.

Write in all your own nutritional values ​​with a pen where you destroyed the original information. It does not matter what values ​​you choose, since this is a hypothetical food label.

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