How To Use A Pedometer To Lose Weight

How To Use A Pedometer To Lose Weight

Allright, so you are ready and rearing to get on the road to a healthier you? Hm? But. . . The gymnasium is soooo far away and so out of reach. . . Well, good news: You do not need to start getting healthier with a gym subscription. No, just go to the store (my favorite pedometers are @ Target), and take a pedometer for anywhere from 5 to 50 dollars
You need:. .
Pedometer or 50-50 dollars

Get your pedometer, hold it, look at it. At the very least it should have a “Trim” or “Reset” button. One of the favorite pedometers that I’ve owned had a “Mode” button that lets me see how many Miles, Kilometers and calories I had burned in addition to how many steps I had taken, along with a ‘Adjust button that turned it all 0, a “Reset” button which erased my personal info, and so little clicker slidy things that adjusted the sensitivity of it.

Now that you are familiar with your pedometer, put it on. Go on, put it on the life of pants, jeans or skirts. Or even put it on your pocket. Where it is most comfortable. Now, walk 50 steps, take a look at your pedometer. If it is off by 5 or smaller increments, you are golden, go take a break while the others repeat go and take a look step, adjust the position of the pedometer each time, until it is not so off.

OK now . . . Go get a pencil and paper. Or pen and journal. . . Or any combination involving a writing utensil, and something to write on. Keep them with you and go about your day. Every hour or so, write down how many steps you’ve taken and reset the pedometer to 0. At the end of the day, add up your steps to see your daily total.

See your daily totals? Wondering what we do with this now? We TOP it. No matter what you do, go down one more time at work to go to the bathroom, take the stairs, go for a walk before meals. Does not matter, just turn that number by at least 50 steps per day.

Tips and Warnings

If you are heavy, find a pedometer with a clipy attachments that will retain instead of a slip clip-it will keep the pedometer slips and gets lost.
Always consult a physician before beginning any exercise and / or diet.

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