How To Exercise

How To Exercise

Experts say that a healthy diet should be combined with a balanced exercise program to keep extra pounds at bay. Rather than displaying a workout as a chore, why not explore ways to make it fun Read on to learn how to turn exercise into a positive addiction

Work out to music. Invest in an iPod if you do not already have one. Studies show that people who work out to music tend to stick with their program long-term. Select catchy songs that inspire and motivate you to create your own playlists. If you’re a lifelong learner, download podcasts or audio books instead. Listen and learn while you pedal the stationary bike or rack up miles on the treadmill.

Take a class in something new. Gyms, yoga centers and dance studios usually offer a free introductory class. This is a perfect way to see if Pilates, spinning, or power yoga is something you might be interested in. Too busy to take a class? Browse the library or Wal-Mart for training DVDs, and check out some new moves in the comfort of your living room.

Buy yourself nice looking workout clothes, including sports bras and shoes. It is easier to get excited about being active when you are dressed for the role.

Hit the great outdoors. Bike, speed walk or hike out one or two days a week instead of limiting your exercise to a gym or dance. Being around nature is invigorating and energizing at the same time.

Find a workout buddy. If you like to walk, get a neighbor to go with you some mornings a week, or suggest a trip to a co-worker during lunch hour. Riding with a group on Saturday morning, or join a hiking club to explore local trails.
Participate in 10K, charity Walkathon or bike. Select an event two or three months away to train. Knowing that you will be competing (even if the price is nothing more than a tee shirt) is a measure of the exercise.

Tips and Warnings

Local sporting goods stores and outdoor retailers usually have lists of upcoming races and sporting events.
If you have not exercised in years, get your doctor’s okay before you start.

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