How To Eat Like A Runner

How To Eat Like A Runner

. If you are a runner or plan to become a few things more important than a diet designed for high energy requirements in sport
You need:
fruits, vegetables, organic cereal, skim milk, whole grain bread, organic peanut butter.

Carbohydrates. Eating whole grain pasta, bread, etc. will give your body the energy saving it needs to keep you going on your maximum potential. Carbohydrates are broken down by your body and stored as glycogen, which is then used by the muscles to power the movement. The simple. . . when energy is gone, so is the training. Focus on complex carbohydrates, which will give your body deeper energy stores as opposed to simple sugars found in candy, etc. If your diet can be divided into percentages, let carbohydrates constitute 60% of the diet.

Fats. Fat is a necessary part of your diet even if it has a bad reputation. This is because the “bad” fats also known as saturated fats can be consumed on often leads to health problems. In a runners diet, unsaturated fats found in olive oil, etc should be used as 25% of your diet. Since you’ll burn a lot more calories than the average person, you must keep some good fats in your body because fat serves a critical role in maintaining your bodies vital functions.

Protein. A runners protein intake should be between 10-15% of daily calorie consumption. While too much protein can be harmful and can be stored as fat in the body, it plays an important role in rebuilding your tired muscles after a long workout. Look for lean sources of protein like fish and egg whites to give your body the building blocks it needs to fix them legs of steel.

Tips and Warnings

Without a complete diet made a runner workload, you may find yourself weak and unable to run at your full potential so train yourself in the art diet.
Realize that dietary requirements will be higher than the average person and adjust your eating habits in a healthy way to your suite runners lifestyle.

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