How To Keep A Food Journal On Jenny Craig

How To Keep A Food Journal On Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is easy to start. All it takes is a phone call. You will then meet with your Program Director, either on a local center or over the phone. You are now introduced a new and healthier lifestyle. Then you will enjoy one-on-one support to stay on track. During this, you will be encouraged to hold a Food Journal
You need:. .
Use one or all of these Mobile Computer.
Internet Service.
Word or Works program.
Jenny Craig eTools.
Pen and paper.

A Food Journal helps to keep a record of your daily successes and emotional well-being during the process of losing weight. You can later see what works and does not work for you personally. It also helps to keep you encouraged if you have a down time and will motivate you to get back on track.

Journaling Sources
You can choose from several options to keep your journal. Jenny Craig provides a Journal of its eTools. They offer this free service. All you have to do is go to http: // www. jenny craig. com / eTools / and register an account.
Another great source is on 43 Things. You can join other bloggers who make their food journaling together. It is located at http: // www. 43things. com / things / view / 144504 ​​/ keep-a-food-diary.
Start a free blog on your endeavors.

Print Food Journal hand and pen. Create daily notations in your notebook.
Keep records of your computer in MS Word or Works. Works has some very nice templates available just for journaling.

Record habits

Record date and time of meals and snacks

Keep track and list the serving size of meals and snacks. Put each food type on another line. For example, a sandwich. Bread on one line, meat in another, cheese on another, drink in another, and so on.

Now list why you ate the food. What was your mood and your feelings at that time? Did you eat because you were hungry or were you sad? Were you angry? Were you anxious? Also list where you ate your meal or snack.
understanding Journal

After a week or so, look at that. Why are you vanligvisspise? Is it always because you are hungry? What is your routine? When do you eat? Are you on a schedule or it’s a hit and miss?

Tips and Warnings

It helps to join a journaling group
Ask your Jenny Craig Director if others would be interested in a journaling group

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