How To Do It Kettlebell 1 Minute Burn Fat Exercise

How To Do It Kettlebell 1 Minute Burn Fat Exercise

Kettlebell training is known for its effectiveness in burning fat. Kettlebell exercises are so easy to perform and can be done in as little as 1 minute. I will quickly go over the kettlebell swing exercise, which is the basis of kettlebell exercises

You need:
Kettle Bell weight
. Stopwatch.

Start by bending at the hips and pushing glutes as if sitting down on an invisible chair.


Keep your shoulder blades back, chest up and head straight. Never let your head down, but looking straight ahead.

Place the kettlebell between your knees and slightly behind his heels.

hold the kettlebell with both hands and push through with your hips. This is to create a swirling motion.

Begin the movement by standing up, keeping your arms straight, squeeze your glutes, tighten your abdominal muscles and tight quads for a quick and explosive snap motion.
Gradually increase the swing movement of kettlebell is just right above the eye.
Do this routine for about one minute.

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