How To Avoid Trans Fats In Restaurants

How To Avoid Trans Fats In Restaurants

Trans fats are dangerous, and is a leading cause of obesity in this country. Unlike food you buy in the store, restaurants do not need to tell you the nutritional information and ingredients in their dishes. You must know how to ask and what to look for to avoid trans fats in restaurants
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Frequent restaurants providing nutritional information for their foods. Learn how you can get the nutritional information. Sometimes, you can find it on their website, printed on the menu, or on a handout at the restaurant.

Stop ordering appetizers when eating out at a restaurant. Most entrees are served at restaurants are batter-dipped and fried with a dipping sauce or covered in cheese. Some starters containing a day’s worth of calories and three days worth of fat.

Choose a salad. Most of them are low in trans fats. But be careful with saturated fat cheese or dressing can contain.

Stay away from anything that has been fried. Unless you know that the steaks with canola or olive oil, stay very clear for all types of fried food at a restaurant that can be cooked in trans fat.

Go to ethnic restaurants. Ask questions about what fats they use. Most of the time the Chinese, Indian, Mexican and Italian restaurants have healthy dishes that do not use trans fats.

Be careful with cakes are served in restaurants may contain margarine instead of butter. If the cake is cheap, it is more likely to have used margarine to make it instead of butter. Mobile telephony

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