How To Lose Weight The Low Carb Way – Phase 2

How To Lose Weight The Low Carb Way – Phase 2

If you are reading this, hopefully you made it through phase 1 of the low carbohydrate diet. Congratulations. This diet is about to become much easier. You should now move to a much more liberal phase where you will be gradually adding certain healthy carbs. You can expect that your weight loss will slow down a bit, but you will still be losing weight. I suggest that you stay on Phase 2 until you have reached your weight loss goals, and then you can move to the third and final phase. The time you will spend on phase 2 will vary depending on how much weight you want to lose

One of the many great advantages of this low carbohydrate diet is that you have great flexibility. In other words, if you move from the diet because of a holiday, a special occasion, or for other reasons, and gaining some weight back, you can easily switch back to Phase 1 until you lose gained weight again. Once you are back on track, moving back to phase two. Continue reading to find out all the wonderful food you are going to post your acceptable foods list.

Yes! Phase 2 allows you to add most fruits back into your diet. Help yourself plenty of apples, oranges, peaches, pears, plums, strawberries, cantaloupe, and many more. Just AVOID bananas, juice, canned fruit, pineapple and watermelon.

In addition to the many vegetables you were already enjoying, you can now add black-eyed peas, pinto beans, and barley. Just AVOID peas, carrots, beats, and potatoes.

Some dairy products can be added to the acceptable list. Help yourself with fat-free or 1% milk, soy milk, and light or fat-free yogurt.

You can now start to eat a little starch again, but eat them sparingly. This is where most low-carbohydrate eaters fail. Try to just have these starch a couple times a week, and you should be fine. It is o. K. Having multi-grain bread, sugar-free bran muffins, and high-fiber, low-sugar cereals. You may also have whole wheat or whole grain pasta and or make a sandwich with stone-ground or whole wheat pita bread. From time to time, enjoy some brown or wild rice as well. And yes, you can snack on popcorn now. Again, only eat these starch sparingly. If you stop losing weight when you add these starches, you are eating too much. Cut down some before you start losing weight again.
Now that you’ve read about all the wonderful foods you can reintroduce into your diet, you are probably feeling pretty excited phase 2. However, there are still some foods you should avoid and they are listed below.
AVOID refined wheat bread and bagels. AVOID white bread. Avoid all foods that list white or enriched flour as one of the first ingredients. AVOID cookies, white rice, rolls, and baked white potatoes. AVOID beets, carrots, peas, and corn. The key here is to avoid sweets, white flour and refined wheat.

Tips and Warnings

Look for phase my 3 article in this low carbohydrate diet is coming soon.

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