How To Find The Best Organic Green Tea Extract

How To Find The Best Organic Green Tea Extract

Organic green tea extract is used in a variety of things. It can be incorporated into recipes for salads, ice cream or cookies. It is also an ingredient in various soaps and creams. Some people like to take it as a vitamin supplement. Generally speaking, an ounce of green tea extract equivalent to five cups of green tea, without the negative effects of caffeine. Finding good organic green tea extract is just a matter of knowing where to look

Check out your local Whole Foods market. These guys are the leaders in presenting organic products to the public. They carry a variety of products such as green tea extract. The easiest way to find these products is to search for “green tea” in their website’s search window using quotation marks to refine your search.

Buy directly from an online supplier. It’s okay to be a little picky with online distributors, especially for organic products. Be sure to check people’s reviews of the products and services they receive from an online distributor before you buy, and do not give your credit card information if you have reservations about the reliability theirs. Some online organic tea suppliers are listed in the bibliography below.

Look for the label. Whatever promises people make, if you buy a product that is organic it must have the green “USDA Organic” label somewhere on the product. If there is no label, the product is not organic. Companies pay big bucks to get their products certified as organic, there is no way they would let these products go to the market without evidence that they are legitimate.

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