How To Get Out And Stay Out Of A Rut On The Low Carb Lifestyle

How To Get Out And Stay Out Of A Rut On The Low Carb Lifestyle

Most are satisfied with their new low carb lifestyle. They see results quickly. They lose weight and / or reduce their BGL (blood sugar). It’s easy to stick to the plan when it is new and exciting.
But what happens when the newness wears off? The weight loss has slowed or stopped and / or your BGL is under control. ? How to keep you motivated to stick with it and not get tired
A low carb lifestyle is just that: a way of life. It is not a short-term diet to go on before you see results and then stop. To reap the health benefits, it must be a permanent lifestyle. Here’s how to keep it interesting and rewarding
do you need:
Internet access and / or
. Library or bookstore access.
Low carb foods.

Read or read the book for low carb plan. Make sure you follow the guidelines properly.

If you do not make progress on your current plan, consider trying another low carb plan. Many people find they need to stick to a very low carb plan like the early phases of Atkins or Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Diet to achieve the results they want.

Eat a variety of low carb foods, including fresh nonstarchy vegetables. Eating low carb is about more than meat and eggs. Mix it up!

Les Atkins Acceptable Foods List for ideas, even if you do not follow the Atkins Diet. Check out the varieties of acceptable meat, cheese, vegetables, fish, etc.

Challenge yourself to try some new low carb foods or your old favorites stuck in a new way. Your tastes may have changed, and things you hated as a child might taste good to you now or fixed in another way.

Peruse low carb recipes online and / or low carb cookbooks. There are thousands of them available. Try some of them out, so they can choose fits into low carb plan.
Experiments in your own kitchen. Try a low carb recipe and adjust it to suit your own taste. Or create a new recipe on your own using low carb ingredients your body likes. If it works out, share it!
Keep the kitchen stocked with low carb ingredients for recipes and things that are easy to take in a hurry. Boiled eggs, celery, onion rings, etc., are good for fast and / or portable meals.
Find a new low carb-friendly place to eat out. Order a salad wrapped burger with a salad instead of fries or grilled meat without breading and a nonstarchy side veggie instead of a starch. Stay away from bread, chips, etc.
Focus on what you can eat rather than what you can not. Do not let yourself feel deprived. If eating companion order a carby dessert, go home and make yourself a delicious low carb dessert for a snack.
Join an online low carb support group or forum. Sharing recipes, info, questions, and support of like-minded individuals can make a big difference in your success. Introduce yourself and join in the conversations!
Read low carb blogs and websites, and / or start your own blog to track your progress. Knowing others can see how you can keep yourself motivated and encouraged.
Look at how far you’ve come. You may not have reached your goal yet, but you have made progress already, and will continue to make progress if you follow a low carb lifestyle faithful.

Tips and Warnings

A low carb lifestyle is good for your health in general, as well as for losing weight and controlling BGL.
Jimmy Moore of Livin ‘La Vida Low Carb has many links to low carb websites.
“Kind of” eat low carb will only “sort of” give you results
Check the carb count ;. Not all foods and recipes labeled “low carb” is really low carb
“Sugar-free” is not necessarily low carb ,. . check the carb count

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