How To Increase Testosterone Levels By Exercising

How To Increase Testosterone Levels By Exercising

Many studies have been finding out what naturally increases testosterone in our body. However, the best results have shown that simple exercises and a healthy diet is the most advantageous ways to increase testosterone. Moreover, the lack of testosterone made for lack of sleep or overexercising. It is important to get more rest than training as much as possible (see References). Taking supplements will also help, but with any method used to increase testosterone it is always useful to exercise and eat healthy.
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Start a morning exercise by doing simple stretches with leg and arm muscles. It is important not to start any weight training without stretching first. Also consider running a light jog before lifting weights.

Perform weight lifting exercises that help larger muscle groups. Focus more on making short reps in the squat and bench press instead of pushups.

Try to do five repetitions per set. Start by lifting heavier weights as you know you could only raise about five times. A short time with a heavy workload will help increase testosterone.

Try to also make one more set than what you are used to. For example, you should do three sets instead of two for each weight-lifting movement. Rest for a full minute after the first set, and lift almost 70 percent of the maximum weight you lift for the second and third sets.

losing only a pound or two a week, which will help increase testosterone levels. If you cut your calorie intake by too much, the brain might think that you are hungry and more testosterone will not be produced.

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