Eating Guava

Eating Guava

If you’ve come across the South American fruit for the first time, you may be wondering how you eat guava. This delicious fruit is native to Central America, parts of South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. High in vitamins A, B and C, it also includes levels of calcium unusually high for fruit. Guavas have more vitamin C in their rinds alone than entire oranges. Guava fruit has yellow, green or pink shell with a pale or rose colored flesh. The whole guava, including shells, meat and grains can be eaten and all fruit should be eaten for maximum health benefits. To eat a guava:

Choose a ripe guava. It should be somewhat firm, but give gently under pressure.

Wash fruits with clean water or fruit cleaner.

Eat guava like you would an apple just take pieces of fruit, rind and all. The shell can be slightly bitter in some cases, but it is a great source of nutrients and is better not to neglect.

Cutting guava in a decorative manner as a decorative addition to a buffet table or fruit bowl.

Create guava juice by blending the fruit and straining through a fine sieve or cloth to remove seeds and larger pieces of shells.
Add finely chopped guava fruit to your favorite salsa recipe.

Tips and Warnings

Add guava fruit to strawberries when preserves or jam.
Make a fruit topping for ice cream by combining and heating ripe guava juice and raw sugar.

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