How To Identify Water Retention In Your Body

How To Identify Water Retention In Your Body

Although the body is made up of primarily water, lean muscle tissue contains approximately 75% water. Blood contains 95% water, body fat contains 14% water and bone has 22% water. It is important for the body to rid itself of unwanted fluids. If the body can not do this it can cause a lot of problems and conditions. Being able to identify when your body is retaining water or liquid can help to determine whether you need to seek medical attention
do you need:
Know what to look for
. Seek professional help.
Change your diet.
Keeping in shape.
Drink water.

Look for unknown swelling, especially around the ankles, hands, feet and toes.


Seek medical attention by a professional doctor or a nutritionist.

Change your diet. Make it a habit to avoid salt and high sodium products like cheese, and cooked foods canned or frozen. Eat foods that help in getting rid of fluid.

You need to exercise to help circulation. Exercising will help you to sweat which in turn get rid of unwanted fluids from the body.

You still have to drink water. This cleanses the body and allows the system to flush itself.

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