How To Vary Your Calorie Intake

How To Vary Your Calorie Intake

While counting calories has long had its place in weight loss programs, caloric variety, also known as calorie shifting, has put a new twist on this old standby. Because your body acclimates to the number of calories you ingest, if you continue to consume the same number of calories every day, adjust your metabolism and your weight can plateau. But varying number of calories you eat each day can keep your metabolism in top form
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calorie Counter

Determine how many calories you need each day to achieve your goals, whether you want to maintain your weight or lower it. An online calorie calculator as it exists at the American Cancer Society’s website can do this math is relatively simple.

Multiple this number by 7 so you know how many calories you should eat each week. When you use calorie shifting method, keeping you how many calories you consume per week the same ;. . You just vary your daily calorie amount
Figure the number of calories you need to consume daily to meet your weekly caloric allotment. The healthiest way to do this is to vary the number of calories you consume 100 to 200 calories each day. For example, on the first day, maybe you eat 2,000 calories, the other day 2100 calories and the third day 1900 calories.

Check the numbers to ensure that your daily calorie consumption from step 3 envisages weekly allotment you calculated in step two.

Stick with calorie allotment every day. Because you are not varying calories very much, every calorie you consume make a difference. When vary your caloric intake in this way, the easiest way to plan and know exactly what to eat during each day.

Tips and Warnings

use a kaloritellervil help you get a realistic picture of calories you consume
Varying your caloric intake works for weight loss only if you eat healthy foods. Remember to include generous servings of fruits and vegetables every day for best results. Supplement calorie shifting with cardio and strength training program to promote weight loss and overall health.
Do not fall below 1,200 calories per day when you use this method, or your body may react as if it is starving-by lowering your metabolism.

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