How To Give Up Soda

How To Give Up Soda

Soda will not only introduce a body to unnecessary caffeine but will also yellow teeth, and all those empty calories will pack pounds on your figure. Giving up soda is a great start to switch to a healthy diet. The long term benefits of giving up both regular and diet sodas can help prolong your life

Find all soda drinks in your home and put them on the counter. Pour all soda in the sink drain and recycle cans and bottles, or give any soda to a friend or family member. With no soda in the house, it is impossible to give in to a craving home.

Mix up a pitcher of Crystal Light or other light powdered drink. Place the container in the refrigerator and let it chill. Serve yourself and your family Crystal Light on the ice when the desire for a soda occurs. Include all family members in the home to participate in efforts to resist soda.

drink the recommended amount of water daily. Eight eight-ounce glasses per day is best for optimal hydration. Fill a portable drinking container full of ice and water before leaving the house. Having a cold drink at hand will dampen the desire to stop and buy a soda when you leave home.

Talk to friends and family members to support your efforts to live more healthily. Encouragement from those close to you will help wean you off the desire to consume caffeine regularly. Exercise every day for at least twenty minutes to help your body achieve a natural euphoric feeling without raising affects of caffeine.

Drinking 100% whole fruit juice after you have eaten the required 8:08 ounce glasses of water each day. Juice is more filling than water, but should not be taken as an important source of drinking your needs. Drinking juice occasionally will introduce various vitamin content of the diet.

Tips and Warnings

Read labels to determine the nutrient content of all beverages.
Many beverages contain as many or more empty calories and caffeine as soda, so make informed and healthy choices based on nutritional value.

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