How To Buy Healthy Snacks For Kids

How To Buy Healthy Snacks For Kids

Children can be picky eaters-which makes it particularly difficult to provide them with healthy snacks. But with a little ingenuity and careful shopping, you can satisfy children’s hunger and their nutritional needs
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Read the label. Before you buy any snacks that claim to be healthy, make sure the ingredient list does not start with high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils. Many products aimed at children are high in sugar or sodium.

Look for fiber-rich snack with oats, bran or wheat. Fiber helps to keep children fed, and provides longer-lasting fuel for them to run, jump and play.

Reach for fresh, not packaged. Most packaged snacks are filled with unhealthy preservatives. Bet on actual peanut butter instead of finished peanut-butter crackers.

Think of a snack as a mini-meal, with a small amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Protein sources can be lean meat, nuts or dairy products. Carbohydrates should be full of fiber, think fresh produce, whole-wheat bread or wheat crackers. For example, add some cheese to wheat biscuits with a side of raisins and a glass of juice.

Look for foods that can be fun to eat. With children, presentation matters. Dip is always a hit, then serve fresh vegetables with yogurt dip. For children who are old enough to eat kebab safe, spear some fresh fruit and cheese.
See what’s in your child drinks. Look for options that are low in sugar, such as milk or 100 percent real juice. Study of juice in bright colors cups with swirly straws can make a healthy drink fun.

Tips and Warnings

When preparing their kids snacks, get them involved. For they will be more receptive to eat what they’ve helped make.
If you are unsure about your child’s allergy, avoid foods that can cause severe allergic reactions, such as fish, nuts and eggs.

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