Eating Even Lean

Eating Even Lean

Everyone knows a person who is very thin, eat all they want, and do not work. I found the skinny person secret to staying thin. First, these people only eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full. Secondly, they are not addicted to food. Many people in our society is addicted to food because they eat when they are sad, bored, worried, etc. You do not need to exercise because your body will use us your fat stores for energy. You can eat all you want, but in moderation. The only way to break the addiction and lose weight without doing exercise is as follows

Eat only when you are sulten-
* This means that when the stomach growls and your body is running. the blank
* Do not eat when you are not hungry because your body will not use this new energy up ,. . indeed it will store it as fat for later

When you sit down to eat calm your mind
* You need to breathe deeply when you eat so your brain to calm down. I know when I started this my mind was excited when I eat because I was addicted to food.
* If you need more help try to do meditation exercises to help you learn to cam your mind

Eat small amounts of food at a time
* Take small bites of food to help your brain registers the food you eat and helps your brain recognizes when you are full.

Chew your food thoroughly
* You need to chew your food thoroughly for about 30 seconds left, to help the brain register is full

Drink water between bites
* This technique cleanses the pallet and allows you to further calm the mind when you eat
Breath one to two deep breaths between each bite
* This again helps the brain sign up when you are full. Additionally, it helps further you calm your mind while eating. If you are addicted to food, you will get a high while eating prevents you from paying attention to what you do. The most important element is to calm the mind.
Stop when you are full
* Remember to eat the best parts of your food. For example, if you like pizza crust eat the first thing to keep you from over eating. Eat the best parts of your food will allow you to stop when you are full because you’ve eaten the best parts of your food.

Tips and Warnings

You’ll probably be hungry about twice a day and you will not require much food to shed full.
Let your body guide you in eating habits not diets or other people
Eat what you want, but stop when you are full
Learn to meditate to learn to calm your mind
Eat only when you’re hungry and your body will get rid of all overweight and you’ll be thin
Watch a video called Thintuition on YouTube where you will learn to eat when you’re hungry: http: // youtube. com / user / thintuition

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