How To Get Calcium On A Vegetarian Diet Without Dairy Products

How To Get Calcium On A Vegetarian Diet Without Dairy Products

Calcium is an essential mineral for keeping bones and teeth healthy and strong. Many people use dairy products to get enough calcium in your diet. For some though dairy products are not an option. Whether they have allergies or intolerances, or they simply want to avoid dairy products. Our family choose to avoid milk products
You need:. .
balanced diet

A good non-dairy source of calcium is as close as your. backyard garden. Leafy greens, will include broccoli provide calcium. Bring plenty of greens in salads, steamed, raw or cooked in soups. Plan to eat 2-3 servings of vegetables every day.

Another good source of calcium is canned fish. For those vegetarians who include fish in the diet, canned fish is recommended because the canning process smoother feet to a point where they can be eaten with fish. And you got it. . . bones contain calcium. Be sure to leave the bones in. You can easily mix them into unrecognizable pieces with a fork and do not even notice they’re there.

Other calcium-containing foods include pinto beans, almonds, and some types of tofu. Include these foods regularly in your diet. Also remember that many foods are fortified with calcium. You may notice that some orange juice boast calcium on the label, as some breads, cereals and even some bottled water.

Tips and Warnings

Choose wide variety of foods to make sure that you meet your nutrient needs.
It is best to consult a registered dietitian or licensed nutritionist when you want to avoid entire food groups.
If your doctor has prescribed a calcium supplement be sure to follow their recommendations.

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