How To Help A Spouse Losing Weight

How To Help A Spouse Losing Weight

Motivating your spouse to lose weight can be a challenge. Being supportive, buy only healthy foods and stay away from these foods your spouse like that is not good for him or her. The whole family can also be involved, and you will all be healthier in the long run. Here are some other suggestions to help a spouse losing weight

Enlist your doctor help in talking to a spouse and make suggestions on how to lose weight. Make sure your spouse understands that his health might be at risk. Your spouse may be more likely to follow professional advice and less likely to get defensive.

Talk with your spouse about being healthier and lose weight. Instead of targeting him specifically, tell him you want to make changes for yourself and your entire family.

Get everyone in the house is involved in a healthier lifestyle. Walk, hike, ride bikes, or take fitness classes together. Socialize with friends who are in a healthy lifestyle. If you already exercise and are fit, ask your partner to join you for fun.

Be supportive. Compliment your spouse when you see that she’s trying to make a change. Express your faith in his ability to lose weight. Ask about ways you can help. Try not to nag or criticize.

Make changes in your family’s eating habits. Prepare healthy meals by avoiding saturated fats. salt, cholesterol, sugar, processed and fried food. Get rid of unhealthy snacks. Stock up on vegetables, low-fat popcorn and other healthy snacks. Learn new recipes. Take the time to prepare healthy food.
Observe your spouse’s eating habits. If his overeating seems to come from overwork, frustration or disappointment, see if there’s a way you can help solve these problems and make things easier.

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