How To Use Free Weights

How To Use Free Weights

According to American Fitness. net, free weights require balance and lift, unlike weight machines that hold the weights in place for you. There are various types of free weights available. There are manuals and weight set (barbells). Each free weight is designed to help you work a particular region of the body. The most important thing about using free weights is to look at the form. Proper form will help you develop muscle properly and prevent you from getting hurt

You need:
Dumbbells of varying weights.
Weight set complete with barbell.
Bench Press.
Preacher bench.


Dumbbells are handheld weights designed to work on the biceps and triceps. Bodybuilding. com suggests you do a few repetitions with what is known as the biceps curl. Hold dumbbell in one hand and slowly bring it up to where it is level with your shoulder. Slowly bring your arm back down and repeat. Try doing this for 15 counts, three rounds, then switch to the other arm.

Sit on a preacher bench with weights in your hand, put one hand down the front padding. Slowly bring your arm up and then take it down again. Keep the arm steady as you do the exercises. Do 15 counts, three rounds, then switch arms.

Work your triceps by trying overhead extensions. With dumbbells in your hands, lift your arms straight up and then bend your arms back behind your head. Slowly lift dumbbells back and then slowly back down. Repeat this exercise for 15 counts three rounds.

long barbell

Work your abdominal muscles by doing a barbell ab roll-on knees. Bodybuilder. com suggest you start on your knees with your hands on the barbell about shoulder-width apart. Slowly roll forward as far as you can go without your chest or shoulders touch the ground. Pull back and repeat. Try 15 counts three rounds.

Work your upper body by doing a bench press. Lie flat on your back on a bench press, and grab the barbell above you. Lift the barbell out of its holder and slowly lower it down until it almost touches your chest. Push it up again and repeat the process. Try 10 counts for three rounds.

Use a barbell deadlift work your leg muscles. Stand behind the barbell with your knees slightly bent. Grasp the barbell with both hands. A palm should be facing you and the others need to meet away. This is called a reverse grip. Keep your back straight and your head up, and slowly stand upright. Slowly lower the barbell and repeat. Try 10 counts for three rounds.

Tips and Warnings

Visit a local gym and hire a personal trainer to build a workout routine for you.
Check with your doctor before using free weights. Avoid injury by using a weight suits your body type. Weightlifting can put excess stress on the joints. Do not ignore pain in the joints, or excess pain in the muscles.

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