How To Create A Custom Jenny Craig Program

How To Create A Custom Jenny Craig Program

Get a diet plan to fit your life seems impossible sometimes. Jenny Craig has solved that problem with their custom options tailored for you. With Jenny Craig program, you can customize menus, activities and weight loss goals so they are tailored for your weight loss needs. Here’s how to create a custom Jenny Craig weight loss program so that you can lose weight and get healthy

Navigate to the Jenny Craig website jenny craig. com. You’ll find plenty of motivational tools and client testimonials to help you stay focused with a customized plan.

Sign up for “myJenny,” custom web content targeting calorie and weight loss needs. Enter your contact information and email address and you can access tons of great online tools and information customized for you.

Visit “myJenny” “myHomeu00BB page and click” myProfile. “Select” Menu Settings “link and enter your specific caloric needs and select the desired application and click OK.

Select “Menu Planner” during the online tools sidebar and select your custom menu items. You can then print this information out so you can put it on your refrigerator.

Write in the online journal about weight loss ups and downs. Use of the journal can be very therapeutic and can help you understand what makes you eat. Click on “online journal” to get started.
Calculate your BMI. During the online tools is also a body mass index calculator. This information is useful to know the risk of weight disease.
Use the weight tracker to keep track of your weight loss goal. Click on the “Weight Tracker” link under the online tool sidebar.

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