Isogenic Detox

Isogenic Detox

Isagenix is ​​a multilevel marketing company that sells packaged cleans and other nutritional elements. There are two basic applications to purchase: the 9 Day Cleanse and 30 Day Cleanse. Isagenix items can be purchased separately or in a complete cleansing kit that includes everything needed for either the nine-day cleanse or the 30-day cleanse

You need:
Willingness to stop smoking
. training plan.
fruits and vegetables.

The Idea
By offering everything you need for the everyday, this system makes it convenient to clean. The system appeals to people who are in an unhealthy lifestyle and need the convenience of a prepackaged product. The cost is substantially higher than choosing to buy the ingredients separately, and some of the ingredients included is questionable for optimal health. For example, use a product sunflower oil and fructose, as most proponents of detoxification would avoid. However, most of the ingredients are of high quality, healthy ingredients.
The party
Isagenix was founded by multilevel marketers Jim and Kathy Coover, and John Anderson, who comes from a background designing supplements for more than 600 enterprises. The concept of the company is to help individuals reach good health and financial success by not only buying and using Isagenix products but also by selling products to others.
9 Day’s
The package comes with two bottles of Cleanse for Life, a container of IsaLean Shake, a container of Natural Accelerator, a container of Isagenix Snacks !, a system guide and a CD. You drink two shakes per day, one for breakfast and one for dinner and eat a 400-to 600-calorie lunch. You can also supplement these meals with Natural Accelerator and between 2 and 4 grams of Cleanse for Life, once or twice daily. The herbs in Cleanse for Life formula includes aloe vera, burdock root, Pau d’Arco, fennel seeds, Suma root and other herbs. The shaker contains whey powder and other wholesome ingredients, but also contain sunflower oil and fructose, which may be a concern for optimum health. The Natural Accelerator consists of ingredients like green tea, cinnamon, cayenne powder, alpha lipoid acid and apple cider vinegar. These ingredients are all common purification systems found in health food stores. According to Dr. Bill Wheel, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Isagenix, he “never recommends only the 9 Day Cleanse. “It’s about lifestyle, according to Dr. Wheel.
The 30 Day’s
The 30 Day Cleanse is a gentler start to the program than the 9 Day Cleanse. The package comes with one Ionix ® Supreme, which is a supplement that contains antioxidants. The ingredient list for Ionix lists water and blackstrap molasses and citric acid as the first three ingredients. After Stevia, the following ingredients are preservatives potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate. Although potassium is generally considered safe, are sodium benzoate more controversial. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a nonprofit watchdog group, we should cut down on sodium benzoate. The package also includes two Cleanse for Life bottles, four IsaLean Shake packages, a package of Isagenix Snacks !, A Natural Accelerator, a IsaFlush four Want more energy? packages, one system guide, a tape measure and a CD. The program asks you to drink a shake in the morning, one at night and have a light, healthy meal at noon on “Shake Days,” which is most days of the month. For two days, you have “Pre-cleanse” days, then four days per month, “Cleanse Days.”
other products
Isagenix also sells other supplements in addition to a skincare line. They note that they do not always use organic ingredients, even if they try to use them when available. They also note that they market a complete line of supplements that are “more important today than ever,” since “we are malnourished because over-farming has depleted the nutrients from our land and produce grown on the land.” Their skincare line is the “next step in the nutritional treatment.” it contains a full line of skin care products, including age-defying cream.

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