How To Live A Life Without Caffeine

How To Live A Life Without Caffeine

So your doctor STRONGLY suggest cutting caffeine from your life. . . ? What now

You need:
Good friends
The best decaf you can find.
Vitamin B12.

Do not go cold turkey. In my situation, I was experiencing pain, seemed so cold turkey as a balance. . . it was not necessarily the case. First of all, buy some really good decaffeinated coffee. Begin by brewing gradually change from 100% to 25% caffeine decaffeinated. -75% Caffeinated. A really great trick is to stop at your favorite coffee stop, smell the nice aroma and get them to create your new coffee cocktail. For me it was a gas station with a convenience store that provided the opportunity to create my own blend of caffeinated. and decaf.

The headache will disappear. Even switching from caffeine stages will give you “headache.” There were days that I just wanted to rest my face on my cool, wooden work desk to alleviate the pain. I am not sure it is a painkiller that will change this kind of headache. . . you are cleansing the body of a “drug” that’s been used to. You will not be perfect every day. Some days you certainly will look at the plan and knows that “headache” just does not fit and you resort back to more caffeine than less in the morning brew.

Go to a vitamin store, a place where you can talk with a “pharmacist” about vitamin and herbal remedies. Vitamin B-12 is a fantastic energy producer. I’ve used it late in the day when I used to have my favorite diet, caffeine-rich soda and without fail, I’ve become more energy on the time of day that is most typical of my down-time. There are other safe energy produces herbs that can also be utilized. See an expert for it!

Finally, allow yourself to have occasional caffeine drinks. After about a month you will discover that you can feel the effect it has on your body and actually potentially feel a little uncomfortable. Your body has adjusted, and you live a caffeine-free life, without screaming at the top of your lungs to everyone in your household, without getting the boat lot of weight and feel better than you did as a regular caffeine use.

Tips and Warnings

Please be patient
Expect the inevitable headache
Treat yourself to do good-buy high quality decaffeinated
Visit your local vitamin store by expert advice
My experiences may be unique for me. I had to give up caffeine so I had to adopt the most positive attitude against this life change.
When visiting vitamin store, you should speak with a knowledgeable staff member. I had great luck in the area. And do not believe what you read on the internet about some of the high energy, weight loss, age-resistant solutions.

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