Eating Chocolate And Lose Weight

Eating Chocolate And Lose Weight

Chocolate is a must. . . not negotiable. Yet so many diets tell you to give up chocolate. Here’s how to eat chocolate and lose weight

You need:
Chocolate :. . )

The key to losing weight eating chocolate is simple. . . . Choosing the right chocolate-quality chocolate! Low quality / high-sugar chocolate interacts with your blood so you crave more chocolate immediately.

Quality chocolate is chocolate with high cocoa content that lingers in your mouth after you’ve eaten it. The structure will be silky not grainy. Low quality chocolate will dissolve in the mouth quickly and taste disappears almost immediately. Some high-quality chocolate is Valhrona, Cargill and Lindt.

Low quality chocolate contains lots of sugar. High quality chocolate is most cocoa. Start shopping for chocolate with high cocoa content 75% or more.

At first you could want high sugar chocolate. But if you eliminate the low quality chocolate from the pantry, and just have the high quality that is available, you will realize that high cocoa chocolate gives you the flavor you want and lets you control your intake. Just a little will give you a strong chocolate flavor! Mmmm!

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