How To Shop Healthy For Maximum Health Benefit

How To Shop Healthy For Maximum Health Benefit

For most people shopping for “healthy food” instead of “quick and easy, ready to eat pre-packaged foods” that you use to not come naturally. The truth is shopping for healthy food should not be so difficult, and by following a few simple steps you can actually enjoy it
You need:. .
Want to eat healthy
Desire to live healthily.
Some Common Sense.

Stay away from aisles you normally do your food shopping in, and that includes snacks aisle, the frozen food aisles, the cereal aisle, and any aisle contains prepackaged ready-to-eat meals.

Concentrate on the produce aisle, you should do at least 80% of their food shopping here. Organic fruit and vegetables are the best choice when available, and for the freshest ingredients keeping with what is in season.

Choose organic foods whenever possible, and with organic food is becoming more and more popular, most grocery stores have begun to carry their own store brand organic food. They are sure to be cheaper than the other brands.

For non-produce items, if organic is not available choose packaged foods with minimal ingredients on the label, and stay away from artificial anything, food coloring, additives, preservatives, fillers, chemicals, etc. If it sounds like a chemical it probably is.

Select “Whole Foods” or minimally processed over their processed counterparts. Remember the healthiest foods are foods that have gone through the least possible treatment, ie precooked, pre-washed, chopped, crushed, rolled, or mixed to name a few.
Look for “free range” chicken or beef when shopping for meat, and “wild” when shopping for fish. Stay away from “Farm Raised” fish of any kind, it has been shown that they contain higher levels of toxic heavy metals in relation to the “Wild Caught” fish.
Have fun! You can actually begin to enjoy food shopping for your next healthy meal.

Tips and Warnings

Fill your basket with plenty of fresh organic products.
Always choose organic first for all foods.
Look for packaged foods with all natural ingredients.
Choose whole foods over their processed counterparts.
Avoid foods with artificial anything, additives, preservatives, chemicals. . .
All organic food should be labeled as such, so look for the label.
Note how many times sugar is listed on the ingredients label and know the code name, syrup, fructose, glucose, dextrose, sucrose, cane juice, molasses, honey, etc.

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