How Much Carbohydrate, Fat And Protein You Should Eat Daily To Lose Weight?

How Much Carbohydrate, Fat And Protein You Should Eat Daily To Lose Weight?

To lose one pound, call back 3,500 calories per week, or about 500 calories per day. According to the US Dept. of Agriculture, to lose weight, eat no more than 30 percent of your daily calories from fat. Of these, use no more than 10 percent saturated fat (fat which is solid at room temperature). Carbohydrates can be up to 60 percent and protein about 10 percent of the diet.

Most adults require about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Athletes may require more. Exercise will increase your metabolism and help you lose weight.
What to eat
My Food Pyramid, designed by USDA, advises dieters to eat lean protein, whole grains. , Fresh fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese. Cut out trans fat and fried food.
Eat up to 60 percent of the diet in complex carbohydrates, including whole grains, sweet potatoes, whole grain breads, cereals and pasta. Consuming about 10 percent of protein such as fish, lean meat, poultry, lean pork, legumes with grains for a complete protein and low-fat dairy.
Limit supplements daily fat to no more than 30 percent. Olive, linen, hemp seed and fish oils Trump coconut or palm oils to be heart-healthy.
Eat several small meals
Instead of eating two or three very large meals a day that allows you prone to eat sugary snacks at work or bingeing late at night, eat 4-5 smaller meals and two snacks. Doing that will keep your blood sugar even, so you do not binge on cakes or pizza watching TV.

A meal can be from 400 to 600 calories and each bite 150 to 200 calories. For a diet of 2,000 calories per day, there are four meals of 400 calories and two snacks of 200 calories.
Eat foods you really like and trim the saturated fat (no fat solid at room temperature), salt, refined sugar or flour. Use whipped butter or whipped cream cheese, for example.
Take Your Lunch to Work
Plan your meals in a day where you are not rushed. List what you want to eat mini-meals (ie turkey sandwiches, small pizzas, pudding, etc.) and snacks (low-fat yoghurt, unsalted trail mix). Make a shopping list with fresh fruits, vegetables and whole-grain bread, protein powder drink hot chocolate or instant decaff cappuccino.

Plan realistically meals that you can prepare ahead. Have a big pot of chili or rosemary bread in the bread machine? If not, buy low fat, low salt frozen pizza, frozen waffles and supplement with fresh fruits, vegetables and raw, unsalted nuts. Cook extra food for dinner, so you can bring some of it to the next day’s lunch when you brown bag it.

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