When Should You Take L-arginine?

When Should You Take L-arginine?

L-arginine is considered a nonessential amino acid produced in the body under normal conditions, but supplements may need supplementation. It is found naturally in nuts, meat, eggs and dairy products

You need:
Will Power / Fat Binder / appetite suppressant
. Water.
No junk food / empty calories.

Swiss chemist Ernst Schultze first isolated Arginine from a lupine seedling in 1886. In 1932 it was discovered that L-Arginine detoxifies ammonia from the body, and in 1939, it was found to help the body in making creatine.
L-arginine increases nitric oxide (NO) levels, controlling blood vessel tone and flexibility. It stimulates the production of insulin and enhances immunity.
L-arginine supplements have been found to reduce blood pressure and boost the immune system response to bacteria, viruses and cancer cells. It is considered crucial for optimal muscle growth and tissue repair. Research conducted by the New York University School of Medicine had positive results in the treatment of impotence in men with L-arginine due to its ability to aid in NO increase. A study reported in the Natural Pharmacist Encyclopedia showed positive results using L-arginine for postmenopausal women with a history of sexual arousal difficulty.
As part of a daily prophylactic application, 2 g of L-arginine between meals should be taken. Men can add an extra gram before intercourse for erectile dysfunction. For Type 2 diabetics, a dose of 1000 mg tid between meals commonly used. Using L-arginine to treat an existing heart disease should only be done under a doctor’s supervision.
Nitrate drugs like nitroglycerin may have amplified effect when supplementing with Arginine. It can also promote the growth of the herpes virus.

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