How To Prepare A Healthy Well-balanced Meal

How To Prepare A Healthy Well-balanced Meal

I’m going to show how to cook food jammed with lots of flavor and good for you. Its really just to see what you cook and how to prepare it. Like grilling instead of frying, use of extra virgin olive oil instead of butter, and olive oil is very flavorful
You need:. .
Healthy food


Lets start out with our starch first since it will take longer. you can go with many things that are healthy like cous cous. You can add tomatoes, olives, onions, peppers, etc. You can also go with brown rice. It takes a little more time to cook but much better for you than white rice. You can also make a pur¨| like mashed potatoes, but with parsnip, it is very tasty.

For your protien you should go with something that has a low fat content such as fish, or leather, boneless chicken breast. You can make a good marinade and soak fish or chicken, so when you grill it, there will be tons of flavor.

Let grilled meat rest from coming off the grill so that when you cut at the juice will be locked in, instead of just floating on after being cut in. While the meat rests you can make your veggies. Sauteing your fresh vegetables in as a teaspoon. of olive oil and a little salt and pepper is a nice healthy way to do them.

Tips and Warnings

Go with the freshest ingredients.
Go with ingredients that are low in fat.
many greens.
Use olive oil instead of other fats

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