Eating With A Button Style Feeding Tube

Eating With A Button Style Feeding Tube

A feeding tube is used to nourish someone who can not swallow or who are at risk of aspirating (breathing into the lungs) food he tries to swallow. This style feeding tube inserted through a small incision in the abdomen wall and has a small flap, or “button” that seals the tube to prevent contamination when not in use. Button tubes for prolonged use

You need:
Glass of room temperature water
. 30 cc syringe.
Bolus tube with adapter plug.
Formula feeding, room temperature.
Soap and water.

Pinch of bolus tube. A bolus tube is inserted temporarily just tor the feedings. A bolus feeding is a feeding that is done all at once, rather than gradually throughout the day. The usual amount for a bolus feeding is about 300 cc, but it will vary according to your doctor’s orders

Take the syringe and remove the plunger. Attach the syringe to the wide opening of bolus tube.

Hold the tube over the sink and pour the formula before it starts to pour out the other end of the pipe clamp pipe closed. This prevents the air in the pipe is pushed into the recipient’s stomach, which can cause seizures.

Raise the head of your bed if the patient lies down to prevent backflow of formula into the patient’s lungs. It is best to administer feedings with the person sitting upright if possible.

Open button flap or plug of the stick tube and attach to the end of the button.
Unclamp tube and begin feeding. Depending on the size of the feeding, the formula will be added over a period of about 15 to 20 minutes. Not raise syringe higher than the patient’s head, since this will cause the formula to flow in too fast and may cause convulsions.
Rinse the tube with at least 30 cc with room temperature water when you are through feeding formula.
Squeeze bolus tube shut before removing it from the button. If the patient seems to have flatulence, let button opens for a short while to allow the air to escape.
Change button flap or plug.
Gently wash around the button with warm soap and water and dry. This will prevent any formula that may have dripped on the skin from irritating the skin.
Wash bolus tube and syringe with mild soap and water and rinse well. Hang the pipe up to dry in order to ensure that all traces of water flowing out of it. Large tube and syringe in a closed zipper lock bag between uses.

Tips and Warnings

Warm formula to touch (as you would do for a baby’s bottle) before feeding, because this makes feeding much more comfortable.
Because the stoma button tube is open to the stomach, it can be a perfect place for bacteria to enter. Be very clean when handling button and perform feedings.

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