How To Lose Extra Weight On Weight Watchers

How To Lose Extra Weight On Weight Watchers

Most people at some point want to lose weight. Weight Watchers is an excellent program to not only help you lose weight, but change the way you think about food

Doing your research. The quick and easiest way to learn about Weight Watchers is to attend a meeting, but not everyone has the money or the time to attend a meeting. It’s okay. Just type in Weight Watchers on Google and dozens of websites focused solely on weight watchers will come up. You need to find out how many points you can receive each day (if you choose the flex plan). Type “How many points can I eat on Weight Watchers?” In google and it should give you a link to a test.

CHOOSE YOUR PLAN. FLEX PLAN: This plan is the one I am more familiar with. Flex Plan provides a certain number of points based on the weight, sex, and lots of activity
Pros :. You can eat whatever you want in smaller quantities. Better if you have a tendency to want chocolate now and then. Given “35” flex points a week and promotes training by giving extra points for exercise
Cons :. Does not adequately learn how to eat healthier foods or when to recognize when you are full. Some people may feel as if they are always hungry
CORE PLAN :. The core plan can eat as much as you want from an approved list of foods. You can only eat when you are hungry and you have to stop eating when you are full
Pros :. You learn to eat healthier, you will always be full, and your body will feel much better.
Cons: Temptation can be a little harder to resist because you’re not allowed to eat certain foods. This plan could potentially cost more because you have to buy lots of produce. It also does not promote exercise as effective because you are not “rewarded” with food. It does not teach portion control.

FOOD. Eating more food for fewer points make it easier to keep full. You can have a premium grilled chicken sandwich from McDonalds for ten points, or you can eat two sliders (look for a Weight Watchers recipe), mashed potatoes and various vegetables for the same amount. You want to ensure that you will be full with every meal. Always eat breakfast so you do not overeat at lunch. Have a low calorie snack with you at all times.

EXERCISE. You may want to wait until you have your diet under control before you tackle a new exercise routine too. Exercising is an important part of any diet. Try for at least 30 minutes three times a week. You will feel better, have more energy, and it encourages metabolism. Make sure you know the difference between mild, moderate and intense exercise. An example of light is a brisk walk or yoga. Moderate exercise is a little faster. You may struggle a bit, but you are able to breathe evenly. Intense training gives you breathless and you start to sweat during the first few minutes. It takes much longer to get a point with light exercise than intense exercise.

MOTIVATION. Collect motivation from friends and family. Get them involved. Give yourself rewards for reaching a certain goal weight as new smaller clothes. Keep people around you who support their efforts to lose weight.
DO NOT GIVE UP. If you mess up once, NOT give up. Just take it one day at a time. Try again the next day. Eat a slice of cake does not make it okay to throw diet side and eat three slices. That a piece of cake will not ruin your chances of losing weight, but overeating will.

Tips and Warnings

Eat breakfast.
Invest in a points calculator.
Make time for exercise.
Avoid late night snacking.
See the small “a” pieces you take throughout the day. They add up.

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