How To Lose Weight After The Egg Diet

How To Lose Weight After The Egg Diet

Egg diet is a fad diet that has been growing in popularity recently, in part because of a smattering of reports about its effectiveness, and largely because rumors have floated around several famous celebrities have lost a lot of weight thanks to this diet. The one problem with trying to follow the egg diet is that there are several different varieties of it floating around on the web, does not each specific meal plan for egg diet will be the same from source to source. Still, if you want to learn how to lose weight on egg diet, read on
do you need:!
Egg w / every meal
. A reasonably balanced meal around eggs.

Whichever version of the egg diet you are to lose weight, always begin breakfast with several eggs, absolute minimum of two, with grapefruit, low carb veggie, or other lean protein of any type. Most versions of the egg diet is an Atkins-type low carb diet, but with emphasis on eggs for protein instead of meat.

For lunch you want another serving of eggs with a little more lean protein and some low carb vegetables. Fruit is okay in limited amounts, but you do not want too much.

Dinner is similar to lunch, with either eggs or a lean protein, salad, and low carb vegetables. Avoid the usual high carbohydrate foods.

It is a variant of this diet called “Egg Grapefruit Diet” which is the same as described, but with half grapefruit at every meal.

Continue needed for optimal weight loss, and when you hit your goal weight, continue on a diet plan that has a little more variety, especially with more fruit to reintroduce healthy carbs.

Tips and Warnings

Protein is more filling, so do not skimp on the eggs! Making and 3-4 in place of 2 to keep cravings away.
Drinking plenty Crystal Light adds a wide range of water.
There is a version of the egg diet that allows only hard boiled eggs, and Crystal Light. This is a dangerous crash diet, and I strongly warn against taking this route

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