Quick And Easy Diets

Quick And Easy Diets

The Harvard School of Public Health offers dieters advice with their Healthy Eating Pyramid, an eating plan intended to replace the outdated US Food Guide Pyramid. Combined with regular exercise, daily multivitamins and plenty of water, the diet plan Harvard offers a quick and easy way to lose weight safely
The plan
The. . . Healthy Eating Pyramid illustrates the recommended percentages of diet different food groups should take up. Foods that are unhealthy are placed in the smaller upper part of the pyramid, while healthy foods fill larger, lower segments.
Foods to Avoid
The top level of Healthy Eating Pyramid containing foods you must avoid: red meat, butter, refined grains (white rice, white bread, pasta, etc.), potatoes, sugary drinks and desserts, and salt. These foods are high in calories and provide little or no nutritional benefits.
Foods to Minimize
Under the level you will find dairy products, which can be a slightly larger proportion of your diet. However, too much dairy products are unhealthy. You should eat no more than 1 to 2 servings a day. Harvard says this will meet the body’s calcium needs. If you need an alternative source of calcium and vitamin K, recommend the broccoli and other green-leafy vegetables instead. Use a multivitamin if you need more vitamin D.

The next level has two food groups side by side. The first group are nuts, seeds, beans and tofu. Nuts, beans and seeds contain fiber and micronutrients. Tofu is a good alternative to red meat, but aim for no more than 2-4 servings of it a week. The second group are fish, poultry and eggs. These foods have plenty of protein and relatively small amounts of saturated fat (the bad kind)
Foundation of Diet
The main level of the pyramid dedicated to food contains three major food groups :. Fruits and vegetables, healthy fats / oils and whole grains. This is the healthiest foods, and should represent the largest share of your diet.

Fruits and vegetables are good sources of fiber, vitamin C and other nutrients that your body needs. They lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of many diseases and medical conditions, including heart disease, stroke, eye and digestive problems, and possibly cancer.

Healthy fats will promote heart health by reducing the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol levels. Add healthy fats and oils (f. Ex olive, canola or other vegetable oils) to the diet by cooking and baking with them, or use them to make salad dressings.

Whole grains are essential to a healthy, balanced diet. They will significantly reduce cholesterol, reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes, and possibly inhibit the development of cancer. Brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, old-fashioned oatmeal and whole-grain breads are good sources. Check the labels of grain products to make sure they have at least 3 grams of fiber per serving

The lowest, largest level represents the overall theme of Healthy Eating Pyramid :. A daily routine that combines nutritious food with regular exercise is the best way to stay healthy. If you stick to this plan, you will lose weight quickly and safely, and create a new lifestyle that will make your weight loss permanent.

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