How To Stay Hydrated At Work

How To Stay Hydrated At Work

So often when we are stuck behind a desk all day, we forget to drink a healthy amount of water. There are a few tricks to keep hydrated throughout the day, no matter how engrossing your job is

You need:
Tumbler or refillable canister

<. . br> Before you sit down at your desk for the first time, filling a glass of water or container with water. Place it in sight at the desk. This will remind you to drink it.

The minute the jar is empty, stand up and fill it. This guarantees that there will always be water at your desk.

For every cup of coffee you drink, follow with three glasses of water. Coffee is a notorious dehydrator.

Avoid soda and other sweet drinks with lunch. These can dehydrate you as bad as coffee. Drink water with lunch.

Make the background on your computer a water-themed image. This will help you to never forget water.
If you still have trouble remembering to drink water, take an electrolyte enhanced drink that Smart water, vitamin water, or even Gatoraid in the day. Electrolytes help the body to retain moisture.

Tips and Warnings

Using refillable container and glasses are much better for the environment (and your wallet) so buy plastic bottles of water.
The only drawback might be your frequent trips to the bathroom.

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