How To Lose Baby Weight At Home

How To Lose Baby Weight At Home

Being pregnant takes a toll on your body, and it is not uncommon for women to gain up to 60 pounds, especially during the first pregnancy. But postpartum blues, often inspired by the feeling of being overweight can take a toll on your self esteem and generally happy outlook. But you do not have to pay a monthly fee to go to a gym to lose weight. You can do it at home with the help of friends and family
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 weights or soup cans.

Set a goal weight range and a timeline. Select a specific target weight and decide how long you think it will take to reach it. Want to fit into your wedding dress by the end of summer? So do it. Because you can!

Tell your family and friends about your goal, so they can support you. This will be particularly important when it comes to dieting.

Get a calendar and plan what to eat and how you exercise every day.

Plan healthy meals, use of all four food groups, throwing out ice cream, pizza and other unhealthy options. Your family must commit to eating healthy also for this month, so you are not tempted by their diets. As a result, everyone will feel better.

Make a goal to not eat after 7 pm
Start exercises early in the morning. This will help start the day right and get you in a good mood.
Develop a diverse exercise routine at home. Be creative and you will not get bored.
Go on trips at least once a day. This can be a nice thing to do with your kids or your husband in the morning or evening. Push yourself to go faster and farther each day.
Swim, swim, swim. There is almost no better way to work so many muscles. You will feel refreshed and strong, and in no time you’ll be shopping for a new swimsuit.
Do aerobics, but adding weights to your routine. If you do not have weights, use soup cans, milk jugs or other household items.
Avoid watching TV. A key to feeling good and losing weight is to be active. Non veg out for a long time or your body will stop burning calories.
Tell yourself that you are beautiful. Does your spouse tell you. Because you are. Believe it and you’ve won half the battle.

Tips and Warnings

Exercising too soon after birth may cause injury.
that you check with your doctor before exercising.

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